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Part of any competitive endeavor is “The Record”.

Longest, shortest, fastest, slowest, records come in all types and sizes.

In racing, records are kept for events and for accomplishments.  There are record lap speeds at Reno, and cross country speed records.  Our own Bruce Hammer was holder of one such record, Transcontinental Eastbound, Class C-1.b., until very recently.


This page will document Sport Air Racing League records for absolute speeds in class.


Records are held by SARL members only, using speeds captured at SARL-sanctioned races.  Documents verifying speeds (race results) will be reviewed by the Chairman after each sanctioned race, and when SARL points are awarded, any records set or broken will be updated and announced.


Also on this page will be statistics generated based on race performance.

Bob Axsom is to thank for his very meticulous management of these data.


Speed Records

League Statistics