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The Sport Air Racing League strives to provide a safe and affordable outlet for the competitive instincts of all pilots, regardless of what airplane they fly. 
We recognize that not everyone can afford to own and operate a P-51 Mustang, and for some a Beechcraft Bonanza is just as out of reach.
Money buys speed, of that there is no doubt, but SARL is structured so that no matter what you fly to the race, to modify a phrase, "we have a class for that".

First, aircraft compete in Categories, either Experimental or Production. 

Second, aircraft are classified according to several criteria, all of which are taken into account to try and make the competition fair and equitable.  These criteria include:

  • Engine cubic inches
  • Engine horse power
  • Induction type (forced or normally-aspirated)
  • Retract or fixed gear
  • Single or twin

We mix and match and the result is that whatever you fly, the aircraft you fly against should have little or no inherent advantage. We can't take that too far, of course, else every make and model would have its own class - but we think we have created a fair system that pits pilot against pilot as much as machine against machine.

We do not handicap at our races.

Please review the Mission page for the full details of our point system, but if you are thinking "I fly a slow airplane - how can I race?", I will point out that for a couple of years a Cirrus SR20 took home The Gold at the end of the season, flying at average speeds of only 170 MPH.

It can be done.
You can do it too!

Experimental Classes

Production Classes

Heavy Metal Classes

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