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Race #PilotAircraftClassSpeed
Race TPaul/Pam TackaburyLancair IVUnlimited344.59
Race 23Mark PateyLancair LegacyUnlimited320.82
Race 104Marty AbbottLegendTurbine401.09
Race 11Walter BestgenLancair IVPTurbine349.6
Race 7Rene DugasLegendTurbine309.27
Race 5Lee BehelLancair LegacySport331.16
Race 30Harry HinckleySX300Sport312.36
Race 9Tony CrawfordQuestairSport300.82
Race 77Scott AlairLancair LegacySport299.49
Race 89Stan MusickSX300Sport289.4
Race 52Jim ThomasLancair LegacySport287.64
Race 75Sarah BeanGlasair IIISport287.27
Race 10Keith PhillipsSX300Sport279.27
Race 2Alan CrawfordLancair LegacySport278.92
Race 60James CiansiSX300Sport278.07
Race 80Keith WalljasperSeawindSport180.68
Race 51Mike ReiblingSeawindSport174.58
Race 109Tom MartinEVO RocketSport FX262.21
Race 58Mark FrederickEVO RocketSport FX244.72
Race 43Bob MIllsRocket 6Sport FX244.57
Race 14Wayne HadathF1 RocketSport FX241.06
Race 38Mark QuinnLancair 360RG Blue240.4
Race 44Rick ArgenttLancair 360RG Blue234.55
Race 777Craig SchulzeLancair 320RG Red229.69
Race 45Bill RossmanLancair 320RG Red215.77
Race 91Bruce/Steve HammerGlasair I TDFX Blue255.74
Race 37Red HamiltonTailwindFX Red223.01
Race 46Jeff MalliaCozyMXFX Red221.14
Race 93Rich LambLongEZFX Red210.17
Race 86Dave BiesemeierSidewinderFX Red201.09
Race 61Tim BoveeMustang2FX Red189.97
Race 99Kerry FritzLongEZFX Red181.79
Race 41Dave AndersRV-4RV Gold240.58
Race 18John HuftRV-8RV Gold232.42
Race 27Jon RossRV-8RV Blue217.51
Race 12Allan CarrollRV-8RV Blue210.57
Race 21Tom MooreRV-7ARV Blue207.11
Race 71Bob AxsomRV-6ARV Blue206.94
Race 96Doug ShoupRV-4RV Blue204.43
Race 8John MullanyRV-7RV Blue202.18
Race 39Jean Pierre VedierRV-7ARV Blue194.29
Race 34Chris MurphyRV-4RV Red199.09
Race 63Bob VaseyRV-3RV Red196.98
Race 111Klaus SavierVariezeSprint241.47
Race 22Sam HoskinsQuickie Q200Sprint202.15
Race 83David AdamsLongEZSprint198.53
Race 90Dennis CollinsLancair 235Sprint188.52
Race 98John KeichMM1Sprint175.56
Race 3Lynn MattesonKitfoxSprint106.92
Race 64Jeff LangeSoneraiSportsman183.06
Race 156Mark LangfordKR2Sportsman177.99

This links to the "Official" AVC results. The classes are different from standard SARL classes and have been corrected in the SARL results for point awards.

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