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Tennesse Valley Pumpkin Dash and Air Race Results!
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Cross Country Race Results!

Race #NameAircraftClassStart TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeSpeed (MPH)
Race 91Bruce HammerGlasair I TGFX Blue0:00:00.000:34:22.860:34:22.86261.77
Race 73Steve HammerGlasair I TGFX Blue0:00:39.600:36:14.080:35:34.48252.99
Race 23Chris BrooksRV-6 RV Blue0:02:16.650:44:58.750:42:42.10210.76
Race 41Cam BentonRV-4RV Red0:02:49.580:46:27.720:43:38.14206.25
Race 83Dave AdamsLongEZSprint0:01:19.430:45:11.660:43:52.23205.15
Race 34Chris MurphyRV-4RV Red0:05:12.470:49:30.430:44:17.96203.16
Race 26Mike ThompsonRV-6 RV Blue0:16:46.071:01:27.000:44:40.93201.42
Race 151Mark PhillipsRV-6ARV Red0:04:27.620:52:32.400:48:04.78187.19
Race 448Jim PorterCirrus SR20FAC3FX0:07:10.980:57:49.930:50:38.95177.69
Race 923Ned ThomasGrumman AA5BFAC4FX0:05:46.860:57:23.970:51:37.11174.36
Race 112Stu MorseGrumman AA5BFAC4FX0:06:29.360:58:16.190:51:46.83173.81

Speed Dash Results!

These speeds are the average of two runs, one upwind and one downwind.
* Caveat - we know these speeds are suspiciously high.  We can only say that they were captured using the best that old technology can offer.
Check out this page for a description of how we did it:
And you might recall pictures of the sighting device in the Spring TVAR Race Memories.

Race #NameAircraftClassAverage Speed
Race 91Bruce HammerGlasair I TGFX Blue286.703
Race 73Steve HammerGlasair I TGFX Blue280.898
Race 41Cam BentonRV-4RV Red245.894
Race 23Chris BrooksRV-6 RV Blue241.783
Race 83Dave AdamsLongEZSprint235.542
Race 34Chris MurphyRV-4RV Red220.169
Race 151Mark PhillipsRV-6ARV Red210.163
Race 923Ned ThomasGrumman AA5BFAC4FX202.313
Race 112Stu MorseGrumman AA5BFAC4FX188.773