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The Speed Dash was a timed run over 1-mile of runway.
Contestants had to limit their pattern altitude to 1,000' AGL and had to fly down the runway between 500' and 200' AGL.
A run was made in each direction in an attempt to negate the wind, and the average speed of the two runs is shown below:

Race #NameAircraftAverage Speed (MPH)
Race 28Jeff LudwigGlasair III277.059
Race 109Tom MartinEVO Rocket253.390
Race 14Wayne HadathF1 Rocket251.349
Race 58Mark FrederickEVO Rocket246.303
Race 30Marvin GuthrieBonanza225.805
Race 71Bob AxsomRV-6A220.017
Race 26Mike ThompsonRV-6 215.401
Race 83David AdamsLongEZ206.249
Race 448Jim PorterCirrus SR20193.383
Race 112Stu MorseGrumman AA5B182.103
Race 121John DawsonBeech Sierra175.159
Race 34Chris MurphyRV-4174.293

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