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Please read carefully:

This form is to be used by non-SARL racers.
We allow non-members to race with us (once), but a condition of our insurance is everyone who races must be a member.

Therefore we have a "Provisional Membership" that allows you to "join" the League for a day of racing.  The charge will be $10 at race registration time.

If you enjoy the experience - as we expect you will - you may pay the additional $40.00 for your League membership for the racing season.

If you register to race for a second time you will be required to pay the additional $40.00 to become a full member. 
One provisional membership is allowed per racer per season.

If you'd like to go ahead and register for full membership, you may use this link: 
and then come back to the race page to use the "I Am Racing" link for SARL members.

Please be accurate on your top speed, as this will determine your start position, and we count on its accuracy to maintain separation of the field and to prevent passing.

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