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The Wichita ComTech, Inc. AirCap 200 LIFT Award


About the Sponsor:

Arthur Alvis is an eight time participant in the Great American Race which is a 4,000 plus mile endurance car rally raced in antique cars. His team consistently finished in the top quarter of the Great Race and to this day still holds the best single day score ever achieved in Great Race history. Arthur, his daughter Alexandra, and Alison participated in the 2007 Wichita 300 air race and won the Turbo Division in his Cessna Turbo 182. He is the founder and president of Commtech, Inc. located in Wichita and he presented the 2008 AirCap 200 LIFT award.

About the award:

The nature of the LIFT Award is similar to the Great Race "Spirit of the Event" award: This award can given to an individual or team honoring their determination, enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and whose participation in the race is an inspiration to the entire company of racers. The LIFT award is not necessarily given to the race winners (but it can be), but to those who were exceptional in their race effort. The award can go to a Pilot, Crew Member, Mechanic, Administrator, Line Person – anyone deemed to meet the criteria of this important award. These people contribute to the success of the race --- but don’t necessarily seek or receive recognition.

The roots of this award can be traced to the 1983 Great Race: Doc Fuson was driving the second oldest car in the race ---a 1912 American-LaFrance fire truck and Tom Lester a drove a 1909 Mercedes. A significant cash award (not to mention honor) awaited the driver of the oldest car to finish the 4,000 mile Great Race. On the last overnight of the race, Tom’s 1909 car arrived at the pit stop with severe engine damage. Rather than coasting to a sure win of the oldest car award, Doc Fuson stayed up through the night to rebuild the engine in Tom’s car. The next morning, Tom Lester in the 1909 Mercedes went on to win the oldest car award.

When someone asked Doc, "Why?", he answered "Taking home the trophy would have been a victory for me, but helping him finish was a victory for all of us.."

About the 2008 recipient:


That would be... well... me.

I'd like to use this opportunity to publically thank Pat Purcell and Arthur Alvis for bestowing on me this award.  It was a surprise at the time and remains an honor even now.  Thank you.

My long standing reply to accolades remains the same:  No matter what I do or what by my encouragement is done, the real credit for our success as an organization and for the growth of our sport goes to you who read these words; you who fill up your tanks and fly halfway across the country in order to pit your skills and your machine against  like-minded folks who, inevitably, think they can beat you in an even match.

After the dust settles, the speeds posted and awards presented, you enjoy the company of those who enjoy the same things.  I am content to be one of you.

- Mike


1 March, 2008

Welcome Back, Race Nuts!

After a short Winter hiatus, it's time to air up the tires and rewax your ships for a new race season.

2008 promises to be a great follow-up to 2007, with more races across more parts of the country.

I know some of you have made good use of the Winter down-time to add speed mods to your birds... well it will soon be time to see if they work!

Watch for a Taylor 125 race page and sign up soon. I flew the course last weekend and it looks good. I hope the weather will cooperate.

So far this year we have the following races definite:

Taylor 125, 29 March

April **

Dyess/Abilene Air Fest, 3 May

Rocky Mountain Fly In and Air Race, 28 June

AVC, 27 July

August **

West Texas Air Race, 27 September

Memphis Air Race, 18 October

Rocket Fly In and Air Race, November ??

** Please consider leaving the following dates open for races which are still in negotiation:

19 April and

23 August

Hope to see you at a race, somewhere, sometime!

- Mike