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Mark Hardin Air Race Classic

The race is to be held at Terrell, TX, KTRL. Details coming soon!

I Am Racing!
Who's In

Race # Name Aircraft Class
Race 21 Alan Crawford Lancair Legacy Sport
Race 23 Daryl Tolliver RV-7A RV Blue
Race 91 Bruce Hammer Glasair 1TD Sport FX
Race 13 James Redmon Berkut 360 RG Blue
Race 17 Bryan Weinzettle RV-7 RV Blue
Race 48 Larry Bradshaw RV-6 RV Red
Race 28 Greg Mahler Lancair 360 RG Blue
Race 59 Dave Anderson Long EZ FX Red
Race 83 Dave Adams Long EZ FX Red
Race 456 AnnElise Bennett Cessna 182 FAC3FX
Race OT Andy Jones Cessna 172A FAC5FX
Mark Hardin Air Race Classic
Terrell, TX (KTRL)
Saturday, May 25, 2024 (All day)

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